Golf in Bangladesh started in 1950s. However, the clubs had continued at  their  own and were not so regulated by any apex body until late 1990s.

Established in 1998, the Bangladesh Golf Federation (BGF) came into being as the highest body of  golf in the country . It is responsible for the management, promotion and development of golf in Bangladesh .

The BGF has introduced number of initiatives for promotion and development of golf in the country. Towards this, different training programs for the underprivileged golfers under the aegis of R&A started in 2007. The federation has established its own golf academy in the year 2015. Recently, the ‘Junior Division Golf’ -a sub organ of BGF has been formed with the expressed purpose of developing the game from the root.

The Bangladeshi golfers, both amateurs and professionals, have left marks in the international arena. Most of the professional golfers in the country have risen through age-group development programs under BGF.